My cousin, My cousin and Me hosts on 500 episodes of good goofs and babies that are cool

My cousin, My cousin and Me hosts on 500 episodes of good goofs and babies that are cool

Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy think about ten years of the flagship podcast — and look ahead.

Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy have actually turned their boisterous family members characteristics in to a multimedia enterprise. An upcoming tabletop game based on their role-playing show The Adventure Zone, a best-selling graphic novel series (releasing its third installment, Petals to the Metal, in July), a planned streaming adaptation of that franchise on NBC’s Peacock, and plenty of other projects, the brothers have managed to dip their toes in basically every arena of entertainment, making a slew of A-list pals along the way between the many popular podcasts they share with their wives and father. However the backbone of these brand name continues to be the podcast that started all of it: my buddy, my cousin and Me. Honoring MBMBaM’s episode that is 500th premiering the very first week of March, EW chatted aided by the three hosts concerning the podcast’s past, current, and future.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’ve done podcasts, journalism, streaming television, concert events, publications, and films, counting the future Trolls World Tour. Exactly What globes are kept for the McElroys to overcome?

JUSTIN MCELROY: Yeah, you overlooked I became a cook in the Olive Garden for four weeks.

GRIFFIN MCELROY: i believe we’ve reached the badly advised pseudo-celebrity restaurant period of y our job.

TRAVIS MCELROY: I happened to be likely to state celebrity scent. i believe it is time for all of us to partner with, we don’t understand, Dior? Is one thing? And then make, like, just exactly exactly exactly what perform some McElroys smell like?

JUSTIN: i am talking about, your wine is immediately, ripe for the picking.

TRAVIS: Celebrity wine! You understand, 50 Cent has branded condoms, we’re able to perhaps accomplish that.

GRIFFIN: There’s therefore doors that are many available to us.

So what can audience expect from episode 500?

GRIFFIN: We attempted to recapture the miracle of a very foundational episode in the beginning in the show called “Spaghettageddon,” where we consumed a number of spaghetti and it also filled us with reserves of comedy juice we possessed that we did not know. Therefore now, nearly ten years later on, we tried to recapture that miracle, simply to discover that our old systems can no further process carbs into the in an identical way that they accustomed. Therefore we mostly have very tired. At one point we do have pull-up competition, that we forgot about until this early early early morning, you do sneak just a little bit of the pasta fury in there so I think.

JUSTIN: We triggered our house to speak about exactly just just how great our show is and exactly how it is assisted to improve their life. It is pretty chaotic, i am going to state, and I will say additionally, as all milestone that is great in every news are, hugely self-indulgent.

TRAVIS: ok last one, it is the we’ve that is closest come to like… well, i assume we’ve done clip programs, therefore never ever mind, we simply take that right back.

GRIFFIN: My son declined become upon it. maybe Not bull crap, he shot me personally down. One other kiddies make appearances, but their driver had been a touch too intense for people to fill.

JUSTIN: He desired a million bajillion gummy bears, that isn’t a good quantity.

GRIFFIN: extremely hard, plus it would additionally make him extremely ill.

Any plans yet for the notoriously missed episode 420?

GRIFFIN: the stark reality is, nobody’s made a funny weed joke since love 1984, therefore there’s maybe maybe maybe maybe not much left for all of us to utilize here.

TRAVIS: Cheech and Chong literally burned off most of the weed that is good.

JUSTIN: additionally, the time that is last recorded one thing intoxicated by substances, we made the ill-advised choice to try and come in the movie Trolls World Tour, and so I don’t understand what we might get ourselves into in a kind of weed-infused my explanation episode.

Let’s talk featured non-brothers: do you stop to believe exactly just just how crazy it really is that Lin-Manuel Miranda has written no less than three tracks in your honor?

TRAVIS: Yeah, it must be much more, appropriate?

GRIFFIN: No, it is wild. It’s extremely, extremely flattering, clearly, and incredibly humbling. The tracks, it can help, are bangers. We don’t understand what we would have inked if he’d ended up some genuine stinkers for us. We probably nevertheless could have been pretty courteous we didn’t have to worry about that about it, but fortunately. He’s very close into the fam now at this time, that will be a good thing, because he’s a super-good guy.

Could you explain only a little exactly exactly exactly how Jimmy Buffett became a right component associated with the show’s canon?

JUSTIN: i’m an unironic fan of james Buffett. Lin, for my birthday celebration a few years right straight right right back, arranged a vacation for me personally and my spouse, Sydnee, to get view a dual function of hamilton then Escape to Margaritaville. After that, Jimmy invited us to visit the [Broadway] premiere of Escape to Margaritaville, in the blue carpeting, since it ended up, and we also recorded an episode after that. Final when he played in Cincinnati, he snuck a reference to us into “Margaritaville,” which is probably a highlight of my existence here on this planet year. It does not get a lot better than that for me personally.

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